COVID-19 Pandemic: Young Nigerians Changing Country’s Narrative


The surge of COVID-19 can’t be over-emphasised and as much as everyone would want to get back to work and their lives, the pandemic can’t be overlooked or the effect it has had so far claiming the lives of over 150 Nigerians with about 6,000 infected cases already. But in all these a few Nigerians are doing their lot in battling it and addressing the needs of as many as they can. Williams Uchemba, Daniel Ogoloma and Raquel Daniel have played key roles in contributing to their society as much as they can.

Nollywood Actor, Williams Uchemba through his foundation, has been on a course of feeding people in the slum with an initial target of 1,000 persons but got increased to 5,000 as the need to do more arose. This act of generosity has seen a couple of thousands been fed and taken care of in this trying times. As Williams will say, ‘ I take no glory in this but am just a vessel used by God for others.’

Daniel Ogoloma has become renowned for his ability to represent young people in politics, change the destinies of young people from disadvantaged backgrounds, making them socially mobile and strong contributors to their society as a whole. He has spoken at some of the world’s most prestigious events as an international keynote speaker and he is the Founder and CEO of Interface Group, comprising of Interface Africa & Interface Global based in London and across Africa with its main focus to bring credible news, represent high profile individuals and business brands in the public space. Interface also hosts and powers events for corporate and private organisations.

Daniel Ogoloma in a bid to transform the minds of Africa’s public figures and sensitise them to change their community positively, New Generation Africa platform has intensified discussions to engage young people. Created by Ogoloma, the platform has since increased its engagement following the COVID-19 pandemic as more people are at home. The platform has hosted educative and impactful conversations with individuals from all professions including actors, musicians, politicians, entertainers and economists.

Raquel Daniel who is a Clarity Coach for Non Profit where she engages individuals on how to start and sustain community projects. She is the founder of Beyond The Classroom, bridging the gap that underprivileged school children have with achieving their educational dreams.

Daniel, alongside her partners embarked on a project tagged, ‘The COVID Food Relief Drive’, where 690 families got six weeks worth of food per home. Through her ‘Pad in a Pandemic’ project, over 100 girls were assisted with sanitary pads in most remote areas in Lagos. She designed an Edu Intervention Project to provide free worksheets for over 200 children worth over a million naira.