Reddington Hospital Performs First Open Heart Surgery

Reddington Hospital

Reddington Hospital

By Martins Ifijeh

Reddington Hospital has successfully performed its first open heart surgery on a 66-year-old man with multiple cardiac problems.

Announcing the feat Sunday, the Chief Executive Officer, Reddington Hospital Group, Dr. Yemi Onabowale, said the complex surgery was carried out by a team of highly experienced medical personnel and that the patient was now fully back on his feet.

He said: “The surgery, which was performed on Saturday May 9, was a coronary artery bypass graft and mitral valve repair in a 66-year-old gentleman. The surgery was performed by the new Tristate Redddington Cardiac Programme.

“The operation involved stopping the heart and putting the patient on a heart lung machine. The heart was opened to repair the mitral valve and the three blocked vessels to the heart were bypassed. The heart was then successfully restarted,” Onabowale said.

According to him, the operation followed a very short period of meticulous planning led by Professor Kamar Adeleke, noting that 24 hours after the surgery, the patient started eating, drinking, and talking.

He said: “This complex surgery demonstrates our ability to expand the range of what is possible in Nigeria particularly at this time when foreign access is highly limited. The Reddington now offers a full range of cardiology services with 24/7 emergency availability,” he added.

With this feat, Reddington has now joined the list of hospitals in Nigeria with the capacity to successfully perform open heart surgeries.

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