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Kenneth Gbandi: The Man Who Wants Abike Dabiri’s Head?

Kenneth Gbandi: The Man Who Wants Abike Dabiri’s Head?

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It is an incredible fact to many people that there is someone who does not like Abike Dabiri. Longer than most people can remember, this woman has championed the cause of many oppressed and underprivileged groups. Countless oppressed women have particularly been saved by Dabiri, and that reputation earned her, her current status as Chairman of the Nigerians in Diaspora Commission (NIDCOM). So why doesn’t Kenneth Gbandi like her?

Kenneth Gbandi is the head of an organisation called the Nigerian in Diaspora Organisation, Europe (NIDOE). Much like NIDCOM, NIDOE is a body that caters to the needs of Nigerians scattered all around Europe. Unlike NIDCOM, NIDOE is neither backed by the Federal Government of Nigeria, nor wholly transparent in its operations—possibly because these characteristics of NIDOE are mutually exclusive.

Kenneth Gbandi has made it a point of call to disrespect Hon. Abike Dabiri whenever possible. The reported root of this bitterness is the fact that Dabiri doesn’t seem to care a bit for his NIDOE, is unwilling to include NIDOE in the scheme of things, or possibly hand over chairmanship of NIDCOM to him.

This reported reasoning of Gbandi has been faulted for its neglect of logic and complete disregard for the NIDCOM Act—which states that the appointment of NIDCOM’s chairman and board members is the exclusive right of the Nigerian President. This is incredible indeed, considering that NIDOE has allegedly been in operation for donkey years, and the German-based Kenneth Gbandi holds a Master’s Degree in Peace and Security—the irony of that Degree and his regard for Abike Dabiri is stunning.

For those who care to investigate the matter further, NIDCOM is an umbrella body that oversees the management of groups that coordinate and protect the freedom and rights of Nigerians in Diaspora. If Gbandi’s NIDOE is one of such bodies, then it is subordinate to NIDCOM, and not the other way around. In effect, Kenneth Gbandi is subordinate to Abike Dabiri, and not the other way around.

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