Standard Chartered Bank Facilitates Investment in Federal Government Securities


Goddy Egene

Standard Chartered Bank (Nigeria) has launched an investment solution on its mobile banking platform that allows investors to buy and sell bonds issued by the federal government.

Tagged the Online Fixed Income Securities (FIS), the FIS offering provides clients with the option to invest in Federal Government Bonds or Treasury Bills on the SC Mobile App, bringing convenience, ease and simplified monitoring of their investments.

Speaking on the offering, Head of Wealth Management, Simpa Adaba, said: “At Standard Chartered Bank, our clients remain at the centre of everything that we do, this shows clearly on how we offer products for investments, the markets where we operate and the entire process of how we deliver value to our client. We continue to successfully partner with our clients through their life stages and in this journey, we continue to take learnings and rethink our strategies in terms of how we offer products conveniently to our clients.”

Adaba said as a bank today, they are clearly focused on digital banking from a convenience perspective which makes delivering value to their clients easier, faster, secured and a lot more efficient.

“ On the SC Mobile app today, clients can perform a self-risk profiling to identify their risk ratings and also invest in Mutual Funds, Federal Government Bonds and Treasury Bills. This basically means that clients start and end your journey of subscribing to any of our investment products strictly on their mobile devices and this has changed how we deliver value and investment products to our clients. Standard Chartered Bank announced the launch of its Digital Bank in Nigeria in December 2019 with the SC Mobile 2.0 app,” he added.