Justin Fashanu Foundation Offering ‘Support’ to Five Gay Players


The Justin Fashanu Foundation is allegedly providing counselling for five secretly gay football stars in England.

The players, including two from the Premier League, are said to be ‘recognisable names’ and have sought support from the organisation – which was founded and is run by Justin’s niece.

Justin killed himself in 1998, aged 37, eight years after coming out as Britain’s first gay player.

According to UK’s The Sun, the topflight stars have confided in some of their team-mates.

The other unnamed players are also said to turn out for Football League clubs.

However, since Justin’s passing, no professional footballers in the UK have come out as openly gay since.

Justin’s niece Amal, 31, created the foundation last year and says that footballers will begin to reveal their sexualities over the coming years.

She told UK’s The Sun: “No one wants to be the first. In their minds these guys are trapped, ashamed. They think society won’t accept it so instead they live their lives in secret.

“It’s sad that this has to happen. But they would be a trailblazer,” she stressed.

Amal also believes that football supporters would be more welcoming of gay footballers than ever before.

She added: “The media would treat it differently now and I don’t think there would be a problem with fans.

“One in ten men are gay so the idea there aren’t lots playing football doesn’t add up.

Sportsmail contacted Amal for comment on the project.

Justin was inducted into the UK’s National Football Museum’s Hall of Fame earlier this year.