Godwin Obaseki

Governor Godwin Obaseki published the audited financial statements of Edo State Government for the year ended 31st December, 2019 in some national papers. Good governance is a way of measuring how public institutions conduct public affairs and manage public resources efficiently and effectively. It has been said that good governance is the process whereby public institutions conduct public affairs, manage public resources and guarantee the realization of human rights in a manner essentially free of abuse and corruption, and with due regard for the rule of law.

The true test of “good” governance is the degree to which it delivers on the promise of human rights: civil, cultural, economic, political and social rights. Five key attributes of good governance are transparency, responsibility, accountability, participation and responsiveness (to the needs of the people).

The Obaseki-led administration has published her annual audited financial statements consecutively for the year 2017, 2018 and 2019. This action revealed that Governor Obaseki is a man of transparency, accountability and integrity. A man to be trusted and thus deserves a second term as Governor of Edo State. Its leadership style is commendable.

I am using this medium to affirm the support of Esan land on the governor’s second term bid. I would advise that the governor explore diverse channels of revenue generation that would free Edo State Government from dependence on Abuja for survival and sustainability amidst Covid-19 disaster on global economy. Focusing on agriculture processing and export, mineral resources development and attraction of SMEs to the state would help to drive economic prosperity of Edo State.
Pedro Ukokobili, Lagos