Ibe Kachikwu

I have been saying it that you have been quiet. I almost asked my sister Anne Omezi who I know worked with you while you were in office. But I just say I should respect myself and mind my business. I am so happy to hear that you went through some medical challenges and that you have overcome it. We thank God o. God will continue to protect his people.

You are truly a great man and that is why I will try not to yab you for at least six months. But let me just ask one small question, where did you have the time as Petroleum Minister and Chairman of NNPC if I am correct to write book? Not one but six. Na wa o, I hope the books are not like those Bible tracts that Jehovah Witness used to distribute door to door or how else would you find time to write six books despite the seeming tight schedule? Well, like I have said, don’t let me dwell too much on that so that you can focus and recover well. Six books? I still they think am sha.