Femi Gbajabiamila– Which Bill Again?

Femi Gbajabiamila

This my egbon na from different cloth o. While this Covid thing is wreaking havoc on the lives of Nigerians, the man is pushing Bill. Me, I don’t kuku read anything that has to do with this baba since that time, he wore one kind Gucci cloth and do one-in-town party for him wife. So, I have not been following the issue. All I have been hearing is people abusing him up and down on one Bill he is pushing.

Just this night, I now saw a report from some people who call themselves CUPP and they say that $10m is the bait and that is why the Bill is getting such an accelerated hearing with strong backing. How they came about this their information which they say is verbal investigation-another word for gist leaves much to the imagination. But seriously why are we in a hurry to do a bill which people have said will make vaccination compulsory for all Nigerians when there is no cure for the illness? I ask again, what is the hurry? So in trying to get a balanced view, I went into research to see Gbaja’s position. The only trouble I always have is his beards. The thing too plenty and is now turning grey so this distracts me. But what I found out was that he said, that the ongoing regulations are obsolete and even hamper the Federal Government and their agencies from really engaging an epidemic like this. Make small sene sha, because you remember when the lockdown was first announced, some mumu lawyers came out to say the President didn’t have the power to do that-

imagine, people are dying and these ones are still quoting law. Which kind Law? So in that aspect just maybe this Gbajabiamila Bill makes sense. But like everything Nigerian, people cannot just be crying wolf if they have not smelt something. Baba if it is true about the compulsory vaccination, mbok just calm down. That would be so wrong my brother. Please let us concentrate and see how we will fight this thing first before you bring that your own and while you are still at it, try trim the beards, the thing too plenty abeg.