Covid-19: Police as the Weakest Link

IGP Mohammed Adamu

The battle against Covid-19 has left a rather loose end and perhaps, the weakest link of all the anti Covid-19 channels untended. And that’s talking about Nigeria’s security men and women. The security agencies, particularly, men of the Nigeria Police Force have failed to live up to billings in the overall fight against Covid-19.

Not only have they compounded the idea of contact tracing by giving easy access to everyone for as long as they could “play ball”, they did nothing to secure the country, when it mattered the most, while allowing the dregs of the society to have a field day – damaging the already fragile peace of the environment.

It is, therefore, sad that the police failed to be patriotic at a time, when not only the nation needed them the most, but a period when humanity demanded of them a simple sacrifice in collective interest.

From allegedly sabotaging the efforts to secure the borders against community transmission of the Coronavirus to looking away, when other crimes were being committed, they literally bungled a national battle against covid-19. Although a few of them still maintained some dignity and were both patriotic and professional in the discharge of their duties, justifying the reason some of those fouling the lockdown rules had been arrested and isolated for testing, a majority of them cared less and went on to jeopardise what should have been a collective success in the fight against a common enemy – Covid-19.