Where are the Almajiris Going?


Elliot Ugochukwu-Uko, President, Igbo Youth Movement posits that there may be more to the ongoing return of street urchins, better known as, almajiri, to their states of origin by some state governors

The distribution of thousands of almajiri minors all over the country in the last week is both ominous and disturbing. Nobody can explain what wisdom inspired the never-before-seen mass movement of this notorious street urchins.

State governments embarked on what they claim is merely returning the urchins to their states of origin. Unidentified people who have organised the mass relocation of the almajiri in recent days are yet to give us their reasons for this strange redistribution.

Nigeria as a country, has not displayed inspiring preparation and capacity to effectively contain the rampaging plague spreading like wild fire, the world over. Certain state governments mischievously insist on denying the obvious field day COVID-19 is currently enjoying within it’s rural communities. Claiming the mysterious unexplained upsurge in mortalities, is simply attributed to typhoid and malaria.

Whereas the unexplained deaths keep increasing, same state governments earnestly began redistribution of street urchins. Strange times indeed.

More frightening is the uncommon relocation of same almajiri to the south of the country in their hundreds, maybe thousands. Cleverly hidden from plain sight in the base of large trailers displaying livestock as cargo, this sends jitters down the spine of citizens.

Why would almajiris be exported to the east at this time? Why are they hiding them underneath livestock? Why would some northern state governments choose this time, when COVID-19 is suspected to be alive and present in our midst, to redistribute almajiri, who are not known for their great hygiene etiquette? Why are they transported discreetly at night?

Fears, foreboding, danger.

Whereas it would sound unkind and uncharitable for anyone to suggest there’s a deliberate attempt to spread COVID-19 intentionally, all over the country, but this is truly suspicion and alarming. The silence of the central government over this strange development, is no less disturbing. The usually critical media seems blind to the strange movements, whereas law enforcement agencies are suddenly deaf and dumb.

If the unhealthy trend continues, the unsavoury outcome will be disastrous for all. To be forewarned, is to be forearmed.

Next, is the deliberate provocation being sustained for several weeks now, by the people and agency in charge of the distribution of the so called federal government palliative for the vulnerable.

Everyone knows from what section of Nigeria, majority of the owners of the seized rice from our borders and warehouses hail from. Everybody can see what section is receiving the rice largesse at the expense of others.

The message is too loud for all to note. The people in power today are clearly saying by the deliberate dichotomy in sharing the rice: “We are the owners of Nigeria, you guys can go to hell. “

Only problem is: They expect us to believe in their Nigeria.