Princess Peters : Brands Need to Start Considering Gospel Artists for Ambassadorial Roles

 Princess Peters

Princess Peters

Nigerian Gospel singer and actress have called on brands that give ambassadorial roles to public figures to look the way of gospel artists.

The founder Lighthworld Productions Ltd, a gospel record label she started in early 2012 shares her experience in a recent chat where she decried the way gospel artists with huge following hardly get ambassadorial roles as compared to artists doing secular music.

She believes that unlike secular artists who most times get enmeshed in different types of controversies, a large per cent of gospel artists don’t have questionable characters hence are better fit for ambassadorial roles.

She said, “Brands need to start looking at gospel artists to represent and promote their brand. Seriously, you have a full page when it comes to gospel singers.

“Majority of them if not all have an unquestionable character, which I feel is one of the key thing brands should be taking into consideration in sourcing for an ambassador.

“They are hardly involved in scandals that could possibly dent the image of brands. They are sociable, loved by many with lots of followers who believe in them and whatever they represent above all they also understand how laws work and can run with brand vision perfectly with utmost integrity.

“This is not to say that others who are in the secular industry are not good enough to represent a brand. Of course, they have been representing brands but I’m just wondering why brands are not using gospel artist to
promote products that do not interfere with their beliefs. I just hope brands lift whatever it is that is stopping them from using gospel Artists in promoting their brands.”

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