Ray K Collections Unveils, Bibire detailing a Fusion of Urban and African Style

Ray K Collections, Nigeria’s foremost fashion brand led by its Creative Director, Remi Adeyinka has just released a new collection themed, BÍBÍ IRE. This collection is of an undertone of our Culture which is the one that holds our history tagged on with what reminds us of our roots and where our origin can be traced as deep within holds our future.

Speaking to Remi Adeyinka he shares, ‘It started with a urge for originality, we’ve always been designing all sort of designs, but this is quite different because it comes from the inside out, we decide to create something out of our cultural background, our intention is to create something beautiful and at the same time appreciate our own fabric. So we decide to make it something african and also urban, something like an afropop kind of vibes, we hope this project will make people see the funkiness in our cultural fabric.’

The drive of this collection lays strong in its roots and cultural excellence derived from the Yoruba. The collection has a sense of appreciation and love for what our unique style of dressing is, the joy of wearing amazing designs in our local fabrics, a statement of class when it sits on our bodies and a remind of who we are, Africans. The team that put this collection together had the magical lens of DWAYNE ESOSA, Styling Creativity of ICONIC REMI and Ayomide Maria, models were Temitope Dada, Teniola Idowu, MICHAEL JOHNPEE, DAMI AKIN and Ruth with Makeup excellence by Solomon Omotola.

Remi further discusses the creation of style and what to expect, ‘In our quest for uniqueness and originality, we decide to blend in the urban with our african culture, prior to this time most of our localmade fabrics have been viewed as inferior compared to it’s foreign counter part, we decided to make the world see a new picture, we decideD to change the narrative, we decided to create urban designs using our fabrics, it came out more beautiful than we thought. The way the afropop is making waves in the music industry we believe the afrourban will be a great fashion statement.’

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