Akwa Ibom Governor Denies Anointing Successor


Akwa Ibom Governor Udom Emmanuel has reiterated that it is too early to discuss the issue of succession, maintaining that he is committed to working hard to uplift the living standards of the downtrodden and not the next election.

The governor said this while responding to a journalist who had sought his opinion on the issue of succession.

“A good leader thinks of the next generation and not the next election. As at today, no one has consulted me on his or her ambition. This, in all honesty is not the time for such issue; we want to work and reposition this State for rapid economic growth.

“I think it is very unfair on the part of the electorate who just only last year, had elected us to various offices to work for them, for us to now begin to talk about the next elections. I have always said that power belongs to God and only He alone will determine who my successor would be. I have not anointed any one to be my successor, so my advice to those who are angling for certain positions is that they should join us to put the building blocks of sustainable economic growth for our people and not cause unneeded and unhelpful distractions,” he said.

Noting the Covid-19 pandemic and the economic challenges it had thrown up, the governor said “this is the time for all patriotic sons and daughter of this blessed state to come together and work with us to continue to reposition our state. It is too early in the day to begin to talk about 2023.”