Managing Security Amid Covid-19


It’s no news that the world, in a very long time, is currently faced with the same menace – Covid-19 – that threatens humanity in a single shot. But the good news, also, is that humanity as one single race has come together, for the first time in an equally long time, to fight back and ensure victory.

But while the war against Covid-19 rages on, other aspects of human lives are not expected to suffer needless or rather indefensible neglect. One of such is the security of life and property of the people, which though had been a pressing challenge in Nigeria before Covid-19 showed up.

This, therefore, is a form of appeal to the leadership to review the security situation and firm up the loopholes in view of the recent surge in crimes. It is unbelievable that in spite of the lockdown and security operatives placed in strategic locations across the country, men of the underworld still operated freely and got away mostly with their crimes.

Whilst this remains shocking and inexplicable, it changes nothing to continue to dwell over spilled milk but rather, ponder the way forward. Truth is that the poor state of security in Nigeria has only been further exposed at this time and government must rise to the challenge.