Bovi is Back to School Again

Comedian Bovi Ugboma (Bovi) excites with a new episode of his “Back to School” series. Ferdinand Ekechukwu reports

Comedian Bovi Ugboma (Bovi) is out with a new episode of his “Back to School (Third Term)” series. The web drama series returns with fresh episodes with the latest being “Principal’s Daughter”. In this episode, the students were introduced to a new student who is the principal’s daughter. The series, which is set in a secondary school, parades fast-rising comedians and actors like Save, Desmond, Efe, Omini, Nonso, Ese, Novo, Sylvester alongside Bovi.

The 10-minute long episode features a classroom situation where the school principal (Odogwu Sylvester) enters a classroom full of students. He has a specific instruction for the day which is the starting point for the evolving plot of the drama.

The bespectacled principal (Sylvester) warns the class ahead of a new addition to the class enrollment. He repeatedly directed the warning to the four male back benchers in the class. “My job here is very simple. I have a new student that I’m introducing to you now. This is Patience. Patience, these are your classmates. It’s okay. Do you know her? (The class chorused “No.”) She is my daughter. I know the reason why I’m saying this. Please, I beg o. I beg you in the name of God o. She is my prized asset. Please, the people I am talking to can hear me. And they are looking at me and I am looking at them. Please o, Patience, you can be friends with anybody here but you see that dark path, that wilderness, that desert, you see those four fools. I beg you my daughter in the name of God, avoid them,” the principal warned.

The drama brings to life the backseat phenomenon in school life. It is a general conception and perhaps a misconception that back benchers in class are the most unserious and irresponsible students you can conceive. They hide behind other students to play pranks, crack jokes and generally stir up mischief in the classroom. Bovi alongside his three friends form this category in the unfolding drama. After the warning had been issued, the principal summons them into his office for further warning. But upon their return to the classroom, the principal’s daughter, Patience has started to relish the class attention. Instead of avoiding the four young men in compliance with her father’s laid-down rule, she begins to flirt with the boys who decided to turn the situation around for their own amusement. The principal walks in on them and that leads the conflict of the plot.

Back to School is a Kountry Kulture Network Production and is written by Bovi. The dramatic narrative draws upon the ridiculous and makes a buffoonery of a real life situation. The “four fools” in the class are the negative stereotypes in secondary schools who usually manifest youthful exuberance along with their delinquency. A look at the students in the classroom suggests that it is an uncommon classroom scenario what with the manner of hairstyles that some of the students sported. The impression that gives to the viewer is that the school has no dress code or even if there is, it is flagrantly broken. The principal’s daughter is portrayed as a teenage girl who is experiencing crush but has to deal with her father’s strict mentality first.

The ace comedian, actor and movie producer, Bovi started the “Back to School” series in 2018 which he uploads on his YouTube channel. The stand-up comedian and actor worked alongside other Nigerian comedians such as I Go Dye, I Go Save, Basketmouth, Buchi, Okey Bakassi, Julius Agwu amongst others. His works has earned him several AMVCA nominations and recognition as he is no doubt one of the most sought stand-up comedians in Nigeria.

The comic act and social media enthusiast, who started his career in April 2007, got his big break as a stand-up comedian in Nite of 1000 Laughs organized by Opa Williams. Bovi wrote and produced the sitcom Extended Family in the same year while also featuring in the soap.

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