COVID-19: Maharaj Ji Canvasses Sacrifice to Gods

Satguru Maharaj-Ji

Kemi Olaitan in Ibadan

With the number of those who contracted Coronavirus rising daily in the country, the Founder of the One Love Family, Sat Guru Marahaj Ji, has canvassed a review of the strategy to curtail the deadly pandemic, saying making sacrifice to the gods of the land would help.

Maharaj Ji while addressing journalists in Ibadan, the Oyo State capital, said apart from Nigeria, the appeasement will stop the deadly Coronavirus pandemic in the whole world.

According to him, the sacrifice will involve 17 tubers of yam roasted by a young box with no history of sexual intercourse, Salt, Garden eggs, Sugar, and Palm Oil, all put together in one big Calabash and left in an open place for just few minutes after which the yams and others be shared among the people present for eaten, stating that after this Coronavirus will become a thing of the past.

“This can be done through each household nationwide, and even world-wide, only appeasement can clean up the virus and not any vaccines or drugs as people are expecting”, he stated.

He added that in a situation like this, government should be encouraging the people to be patronizing the herbalists to seek for divine intervention and solutions and stop using the foriegn drugs which is actually not the remedy to the problem.

On the lockdown, he said most Nigerians survived on daily living such that depriving them of this cannot but bring more hardship to them, insisting that Nigerians must not be made to suffer because of Coronavirus.

He maintained that government owes it a duty ito provide palliatives for the citizens especially the less privileged, noted that the hardship faced by Nigerians is the major reason why many people who are daily workers are not obeying the stay-at-home order.
According to him, “The order of total lockdown policy adopted by the Federal Government is nothing but a misplaced priority that cannot achieve tangible result because most Nigerians earn their living daily and to stop them doing this could only mean that the government want to add more to their suffering. The government should start to pump money to the traditional institutions and royal father’s, so that they can consult the oracle and seek for final solutions to the problem we are currently facing.
“The government should be more pro-active in doing this, and they should stand up to face the challenge at hand, and they should allow people to be going out to do their jobs, instead of promising them palliatives that are not even real.

“If you want to lockdown people, you must be really ready to provide the adequate and basic needs of the people, those people you lockdown are not enjoying portable water, no adequate supply of electricity power, no even food to eat in most cases, as those people are hustling on daily basis before they can have bread on their tables.

“So, I believe if you free them and let them go out and find something to feed their families by themselves, there will not be problem, but if you continue the lockdown without providing proper basic needs for the people, then there might be problem, as those you lockdown will become a victim of hunger and series of other ailments.”