The harvest of deaths in Kano State has become a matter of great concern. This bad news is coming amid the country’s persistent rise in cases of covid-19. It is reported that over 200 people have died within two days last week. The mysterious deaths have caused palpable tension and fears among the residents. Initially, the state government looked indifferent to the increased rate of deaths, pretending all is well. It later came up with the decision to investigate the rising cases of deaths. In its report submitted to the governor, the state ministry of health blamed malaria, typhoid and diabetic complications as the main causes of the death.

Nigerians have cause to worry over the frequent rate of death in the most populous city of Nigeria. First, Kano is a commercial nerve centre of Northern Nigeria. It attracts people from all walks of lives who often visit the state for commercial and other purposes. Second, with Covid-19 outbreak which necessitates lockdown in many states in the country coupled with the failure of Kano State government to acquire adequate testing kits, there is every tendency that the massive deaths rocking the state might have been linked to deadly corona virus. The last time Kano State had its test results was last week Wednesday, where infected people jumped to 73. As of now, the state does not have an actual data of covid-19 victims.

Lastly, in an interview granted to BBC on Monday, Governor Ganduje blamed the federal government for abandoning his state. He accused the NCDC for not providing testing kits for the state medical personnel. If most of the deaths are not tested, how can the state quickly conclude it was not covid-19? According to Islamic rites, the dead are to be buried immediately. This Islamic jurisprudence gives little room for copses autopsy. There is the urgent need for the federal government to come to the aid of Kano State.
Ibrahim Mustapha Pambegua, Kaduna State