Abuja Estate Moves to Assuage Lockdown Impact, Shares Food Items to 300 Households

In a bold move to assuage the economic impact accentuated by the lockdown due to COVID-19 pandemic to families, the Prince and Princess Estate Residents Association, Duboyi District in Abuja, Federal Capital Territory (FCT) on Sunday distributed various food items and palliatives to meet the needs of 300 housholds.

The Chairman of the Palliatives Committee, Mr. Banji Ojo, who addressed the beneficiaries said the committee identified the security personnel, cleaners/support staff and to a large extent some members without a steady means of livelihood across the estate which add to over 300.

What we are doing in Prince and Princess Estate, he explained is to support families in need as a result of the lockdown caused by the CoronaVirus pandemic.

According to him, the Chairman of the Residents Association lead by Engr. Victor Adoga and his Exco constituted a 6 member welfare committee to receive donations in cash, food items and kinds for onward distribution to identified classes of people in need across the estate.

Items that were donated and procured by members included: 25 bags of rice, 25 cartons of tomato paste, 25 bags of 10kg Semovita, 63 cartons of hungry-man indomie noodles and 100 face masks among others for the security personnel.

While underscoring the need for Nigerians to be one and another’s keep at crucial times like this, Ojo, said: “We urge and hereby call on Nigerians to give helping hand to those whose sources of livelihood have been eroded as a result of the lockdown.”

According to him, the 6 member committee of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) and welfare committee identified the would be beneficiaries as the security personal, cleaners/support and some who may lost their jobs.

Commending the committee members for it’s clinical efficiency in the sharing of the palliatives, Engr. Adoga, recalled that the Association swunged into action at the month of March ending through the philanthropic gestures of Arc. Tony Ifechukwu, Dr. Eric Nwaze and Charles Agadu among others who made donations for the procurement of medics to contain the spread of the virus.

The 6 member committee include: Messrs, Banji Ojo, Mrs. Grace Elabor, Oluwakorede Obafemi, Ijeoma Chucks, Charles Agadu and Chukwuemeka Alphonsus.

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