Abba Kyari – A Very Solemn Goodbye

Mallam Abba Kyari

By Joseph Edgar

Me, I don’t have too much power that is why I have waited a bit before sending my own condolence. My senior colleagues, Chief Femi Fani Kayode and Simon Kolawole who were quick off the mark to send very sincere tributes ran into a hail of turbulence.

So me that I am struggling to hide from the Covid wahala will now come and be letting people who should be in self-isolation to come and be abusing me? For me, I really do not think or believe you deserve all that noise simply because as a political scientist who attended all my classes I understand perfectly the role you played in the system during the last years of your life. Let me just educate some people small. You see, politics is all about relations to power by contending forces.

These relations are all the more strident in this our situation where there is a major concentration of resources centrally. So the ‘fight’ for power is usually fierce because it comes also with control of centrally controlled resources. By your appointment, you found yourself the gatekeeper to that source of power that is why you see the situation where you are next to God to some and to others you are the first cousin of –make I no talk the name depending on where they stand in the ‘food chain’. Our people get very emotive in their reaction to things like these. They throw facts and logic out of the window and will be shouting with spittle everywhere without really making points that can withstand intellectual scrutiny.

But let me don’t talk too much, so that you can concentrate wherever you are and in whatever you plan to achieve where you are. Sleep well my lord and may Allah find you worthy of his Grace. I hope that is how they say it. Sleep well sir.