Before Security is Overwhelmed!

Mohammed Adamu

The last few weeks have been traumatising for many residents of Lagos and Ogun States, as hoodlums, hiding under the pang of hunger, have been terrorizing many homes, stealing, molesting and harming them.

What this development has suggested is that the security architecture of state might have been overstretched and unable to tame the ravaging menace of these anti-social elements, who have made the compulsory stay-at-home order a nightmare for many.

Although the police have been responding to the best of their capacity, it is however evident that the state has to come up with some more ingenious approach to policing at this delicate time, before the security is overwhelmed.

For the state, therefore, no excuses will suffice. Action is all that the people want to see. So, buckle up and get tougher. It’s your call!