The Bible is truly alive. It does not do anymore to view the Bible as a source of collections of quaint histories of peoples of the distant past. No. Amazingly, the ways these peoples related with one another, especially the way certain wild nomadic tribes menaced the Israelites, are being played out today if one considers the “West” of today to be representative of a much expanded “Tribe of Judah.”

The peoples of one such “wild nomadic tribes” in our time, who are of Central Asia descent, are a curiosity to me. The Hebrew Bible mentions a certain Togarmah who is today regarded in most circles as the patriarch of the present-day Turkic tribes.

According to the Encyclopaedia Britannica, Togarmah is said to have fathered 10 or 11 sons each of whom engendered a tribe. Amazingly, amongst the millions of descendants of Togarmah today, one can hardly find a soul professing Christianity (they are overwhelmingly contra-Christians, principally Sunnites).

Presently, the Turkic peoples, spearheaded by Turkey is menacing the West (especially Europe and they are also rapidly influencing local politics in US cities) by encouraging high birth-rates amongst their kith and kin in order to out-birth the native Christian Europeans and by the process of weaponised migration. They still have the present state of Israel in their cross-hairs despite the fact that Christianity and modern Christian states are supposed to shield Judaism and Israel from persecution. What Togarmah was as a veritable contra-Israelite so his descendants are today. Amazing.

One interesting aspect of Biblical history that is playing out so vividly today is the one involving the relationships between the descendants of Isaac (present-day Jews) and the descendants of the bastard Ishmael (present-day Arabs); should anyone still be in surprise as to the reason the Arabs hate the Jews so much to this present day?
Sunday Adole Jonah,
Department of Physics, Federal University of Technology, Minna, Niger State