COVID-19: UK PM, Boris Johnson, Moved to Intensive Care


UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson was moved into intensive care on Monday, according to a statement from his office.

Earlier Monday, British officials had given assurances that he was healthy enough to run the country, but some unease arose over a lack of information on his condition.

Mr. Johnson wrote Monday on Twitter from a hospital in London that he was “in good spirits,” and Foreign Secretary Dominic Raab, who is standing in for him, said Mr. Johnson was working from his bed and remained “in charge” of the government.

But Mr. Raab admitted that he had not spoken to the prime minister since Saturday, and some commentators expressed concern about the persistence of virus symptoms about 10 days after the prime minister’s case was diagnosed.

Andrew Neil, one of Britain’s most prominent interviewers, asked on Twitter why Mr. Johnson had not spoken to his stand-in, Mr. Raab, since Saturday. “Something not right here,” Mr. Neil added.

British officials say they are not going to give constant updates on Mr. Johnson’s condition and declined to comment on reports that the prime minister had received oxygen when he arrived at St. Thomas’ Hospital on Sunday. (New York Times)