Buhari’s Personal Example is Noteworthy

Muhammadu Buhari


Ashort – less than 50 minutes – video of President Muhammadu Buhari circulated last week, where the president had reeled off some of the efforts of his administration in containing the spread of the pandemic, Coronavirus otherwise called Covid-19.

Towards the end of the video, the president was seen teaching personal hygiene as he approached a wash hand basin for real time practical. That’s by all definitions and standards, a worthy choice of personal example. When leaders go ahead of the led and do the needful, compliance is very likely 100 per cent or a little less.

It was the same point that was made, when the president was slow in addressing the nation on the ravaging virus, even though his unthinking rash of supporters didn’t see anything bad, for as long as he had delegated the jobs.

But leadership is beyond that. If he delegated authority as expected in leadership, what about responsibility? This is why his late response to some of these things was though disappointing, however, commendable in the final analysis.