CSCS to Sustain Remote Service Delivery to Capital Market Community


Goddy Egene

The Chief Executive Officer of the Central Securities Clearing System (CSCS) Plc, Mr. Haruna Jalo-Waziri yesterday said the company remained committed to continue to serve its community and markets, leveraging its digital channels and systems during the 14-day lockdown period in Lagos, Ogun States and Abuja.

The financial market infrastructure for the Nigerian capital market, had suspended services to walk-in clients and switched to the use of digital channels as part of efforts to check the spread of the COVID-19 pandemic last week. And following the lockdown announced by the federal government, CSCS said it would sustain its remote trading.

According to Jalo-Waziri, over the past week, they have seen their workforce perform effectively in home-working arrangements with all services running efficiently as they continue to support as a financial market infrastructure.

“We continue to achieve 100 per cent performance across all services daily with our people having adapted to this new way of working. Furthermore, as part of our business continuity and governance process, we have instituted crisis management committees at both our board and management levels to ensure integrated governance and holistic coverage of our response mechanisms and practices, particularly at this unprecedented time.

We assure our stakeholders and clients that CSCS will continue to ensure a high level of system stability and client service support across all business services at all times. Throughout this period, access to our offices will remain restricted to the handful of “essential services” staff required to ensure availability of critical services to our systems. As always, CSCS assures you of efficient clearing and settlement of your capital market transactions and safety of your assets at all times,” he said.