Nigerians Need a President Who Soothes in Times Like These

Muhammadu Buhari


Asked why President Buhari has not addressed Nigerians over the #CoronaVirus pandemic, his spokesman, Femi Adesina said: “It is not his style”.

Yet, during the 2019 election, Buhari addressed Nigerians PER SECOND! He went to all the states addressing Nigerians personally. He wore Yoruba, Ibo and Hausa clothes. He spoke pidgin and English. He even danced (can you imagine Buhari dancing!). Apparently, Nigerians votes are more important than Nigerian lives.

We cannot go on like this. President Buhari fumigated Aso Rock to protect only himself and his family and left the rest of Abuja to their fate. Governor Jide Sanwo-Olu is fumigating the whole of Lagos. Buhari eats at taxpayers’ expense and has provided medical facilities for himself from the public purse. Yet, he does nothing as Nigerians starve during the #CoronaVirus lockdown, and have little emergency medical supplies beyond what Jack Ma donated.

The Governor of Lagos State, Jide Sanwo-olu, is ten times the leader Buhari is. Buhari is a disgrace to the word, leadership! His aides may not say this to his face, but few thinking people have any respect for Buhari, in Nigeria and abroad!

Instead of hiding while Nigeria is in confusion, Buhari should approach the US and ask them to release the $308 million Abacha loot on compassionate grounds. I assure Buhari that President Donald Trump won’t refuse because of #CoronaVirus.
And when he gets the money, rather than give his crony, Governor Atiku Bagudu, the $100 million that the US alleges that he wanted to give him, President Buhari should rather use it to pay N5000 to each of the 38.5 million BVN accounts in Nigeria, so Nigerians don’t starve during the lockdown.

Going further, Buhari should call Aliko Dangote on the phone and use the N37 billion he budgeted to renovate the National Assembly to order emergency food supplies to be delivered free of charge to each of the 774 Local Governments of Nigeria. If Buhari does not know how to lead, I have just given him what in Nigeria they call expo!
But, let me say that President Buhari and his cabal are more responsible for spreading #COVID19 in Nigeria by failing to close our borders because Abba Kyari and Buhari’s daughter were abroad.

Now, after putting us in this mess, Buhari has no message for us. What nonsense! We must not hear that Buhari found his way to London or any other country after #CoronaVirus found its way to Nigeria because of his inefficiency.

Nigeria is so unprepared for this crisis because Buhari and his cabal never expected that they would ever be in a situation where they could not travel with ease to London and other Western cities.

In five years, Buhari budgeted over N11 billion for Aso Rock’s clinic. After such spending, how come the clinic still can’t treat Abba Kyari? How come he had to be taken to a facility in Lagos? Where did all the money go? Insufficient ventilators and vital equipment!

The Villa clinic budget is enough to have built five hospitals that can cater for #CoronaVirus patients. What were they doing with the money? Buhari’s incompetence has finally caught up with him and his cabal!

The media is reporting that both President Buhari and Abba Kyari are coughing. I pray they recover soon. But while they are coughing, they must cough up the N11 billion that they claimed they spent on an Aso Rock clinic that can’t even treat them when they fall ill! Even when he has tested positive for #CoronaVirus, the Prime Minister of the UK, Boris Johnson, still addressed the UK public live today. But in Nigeria, no one has seen Buhari for a week because it is not “his style” to address those he leads.

Buhari has turned himself into an international figure of fun to the extent that one of the most famous Islamic clerics, the Imam of Peace has described him as the “dumbest person in Nigeria. Can you blame the Imam? Is he wrong?

Let me end this piece by saying that Nigeria needs a leader to give REASSURANCE, GUIDANCE and LEADERSHIP. If Buhari continues to hide, while Nigeria faces her greatest public health crisis in her history, then the National Assembly should IMPEACH him so a COMPETENT leader can emerge.