A Word of Caution to Governor Obaseki

Godwin Obaseki

Cecil Onosolease Esekhaigbe warns Godwin Obaseki about the antics of persons who may be benefiting from his political naivety

I will continue to make reference to my article titled, ‘Gov Obaseki and the Cocktail of Endorsement, written in May 2019. The quick take aways for ease of reference are 1: That the self denial that there was no problems between him and his political mentor amidst the cloud of insidious political tension was unhelpful. 2. That the attempt to build a self styled political structure by crushing the existing one would be counterproductive as recent history has shown. 3.That those encouraging him to take on his friend and political mentor are political jobbers and beggarly opportunists who want to profit from the ensuing political crises and he should be wary of them.

4. That this class of people really do not have political value but make loud noise to get pecuniary benefits from an unsuspecting and vulnerable Chief Executive Officer. 5.That Gov Obaseki has started well and should end well by not been distracted and drawn into an unnecessary political battles. 6. That the looming political war was neither just nor justifiable. 7. That the APC political class in Edo state should not play the ostrich and the state chairman should immediately swing into action to arrest the ugly trend. 8. That Obaseki should immediately close the seeming gap between him and Oshiomhole to avoid vicarious liability and the attendant political convulsion. 9. That he did not have the ammunition to fight a senseless war from the empty endorsement and diabolical instigations from the political jobbers. 10.That only his good works which he started could earn him a second term if he chose to recontest .I ended the sermon with my late father’s instructive caution that”those who encourage a child to overeat may not follow the child to the “latrine” at midnight.

Hardly had this article been digested when hell was let loose as Satan established his kingdom of madness. The drum beats of war metamorphosed into a full blown theatre of a political insurgency. Caution was thrown to the wind and political camps began to emerge. Democracy began to have its strain as best practices nose dived. Litigation took the place of political administration and thuggery became the new normal. Threats, tyrannical acts ,intimidation and cultism became the instruments of influencing political discourse Those who were supposed to douse the tension and rein in the combatants became ethnic champions and political patrons/matrons. A few who had the courage and altruistic motives to make peace were easily derided by the so called leaders. Some even sent their political pawns to insult a few of us that were advocating for peace. Emergency writers dotted the landscape to fuel the crises because to insult political opponents became money making ventures. The naked truth is that all these battles were not organic to Gov Obaseki and they were not his original ideas . I had the opportunity to engage with him severally to discern this fact. The persons behind the “Edo storm” were those who have personal political grievances and those who feel that Gov Obaseki was miserly with funds and to make money is to encourage the crises

We all know the various attacks and counter attacks that have shaken the political landscape of Edo State with fresh and festrering scars. I have read in some newspapers where people who did not attend meeting with the President interpreting the outcome. Those who are not from Edo State making a choice for Edo people while the erstwhile combatants are now advocates of peace and reconciliation.

Comrade Oshiomhole will not foist a candidate on us and like any other Edo person he has just one vote. Godfatherism has been “destroyed” in Edo and there will be no Wind Assistance this time. I have said it earlier that since we refused to make and keep the peace and peace has been enforced on us , there are consequences. My advise to our dear Governor is that he should continue to win the hearts and mind of the people of Edo state with developments .This is the surest path to continuity in office. You may now reconcile with your friend and political mentor but let it be clear that both of you must now shed the weight of the political jobbers that caused the impasse if genuine reconciliation makes meaning. Bring all the political class together and apologise where necessary. God does not deny a contrite heart and as a servant of the people humility is a virtue. Its not too late to get back on track. Your electoral fortune lies with the Edo people and not with a cabal or interlopers from other states. I also think that Oshiomhole should be left out from this new wave of conspiracy theory of endorsement.

I pray that the coming election will give us a Governor that Edo state deserves. While we pray we must also know that the scripture says “faith without good works amounts to nothing. Let’s all work towards remaining a solid state with vibrant democratic culture .Idiocy should not have a place in Edo political arena. I wish all the aspirants including the Governor well in the coming electoral process.

*Esekhaigbe is a retired Major General and concerned indigent of Edo State