Kola Karim Goes Underground?


For some time now, one of the probing questions on the lips of many, especially those who are familiar with his antecedents, is: What is Kola Karim up to? Karim, an oil and gas baron, has gone underground, a situation that is making many to wonder what he has up his sleeves.

For the record, Karim, Chairman, Board of Directors of Shoreline Natural Resources Ltd., is blessed with the ability to start a company from the scratch and nurture it to success as well as an aptitude for spotting a new business and creating new partnerships with leading international companies.

His portfolio consists of high-wired businesses in the construction, commodity trading, oil and gas, engineering and power sectors.

He is also the chairman, Board of Directors of Costain (West Africa) plc, Nigerian Ropes plc, and serves as director in seven other companies, including Shoreline Power Company Ltd, Shoreline Energy International Ltd, Ecobank Nigeria plc, Schlumberger Testing & Production Services Nigeria Ltd, Trans Amadi Facilities Ltd, Grange Education Ltd. and African Eagles plc.

He is known for hosting a grandiose party every New Year. No wonder, many were surprised that this year’s party did not hold for reasons best known to him. However, this has since kept many wondering what could be happening to the ever happy-go-lucky dude.