How to Create an Immortal Name.


The desire of every human being is to be remembered, honored and recognised for their sacrifice and contribution. Thus, deep in every human being is the desire to remain relevant for many generations. This desire is so core. That the real reason why most people prefer a male child to a female child is because.

Male children perpetuate a family name in ways female children can’t. It is also the reason why children bear their ancestral names. But if a name is just an ordinary name no one aside family members want to perpetuate it. And after some time. Family members may see the need to drop the name. People perpetuate names that stand for something. They keep names that have impacted their lives. Names without relevance are discarded after a while. And today we see children abandoning their father’s name.

They do so because the name means little or nothing to them. Names that carry weight are worn with pride. And children are grateful for the doors it opens for them. Creating a name that last is thus not about having a name. But about having a name that is synonymous to contribution, sacrifice, and honor. Although many people want this kind of name. Only a few people will create a name that last. To create a name that last forever. A person must do things that immortalise their legacy.

So, how then can a Person Immortalise their Legacy?
To create an immortal legacy, a person needs to make certain strategic and significant contributions. That cement their name in the sands of time. Creating a lasting legacy is thus about standing for something. That cannot be killed by death. There are three ways you can create this kind of name. The first way is through the contribution of value. The second way is through the contribution of public service. And the third way is through the contribution of human rights. Below I explain each of them in detail.

First, the contribution of value. People who contribute value are people who make the lives of other people better. They contribute value by providing certain solutions. That ease the lives of other people. Value contributors are all business owners. They provide solutions for other people’s problem. Value contributors are also the greatest distributors of wealth. They distribute wealth by creating jobs. Giving to the less privileged and paying huge taxes that lead to societal development. Business owners are thus the wealthiest set of people in the world. Their wealth is a reward for the value they create. To create an immortal name through a business, a business owner must transition their businesses from mortal to immortal. Businesses like humans also die. Only businesses that have developed the resilience to break through generational barriers live forever.

Next, is the contribution of public service. A person offers public service contribution when there are chosen by other people. To serve and lead them, people who serve in public offices make certain key decisions. That affects the lives of other people. When these decisions are positive, it leads to positive transformation and make them significant. But when there are negative, it leads lead to recessive transformation and attract dishonor to their name. People who serve in public offices thus carry the greatest power in the world. Their decisions can make, break, harm or protect the lives of other people. The highest seat of power is the seat of the president or monarch. Power is thus a reward for public service and leadership.

Next is the contribution of human rights. A person offers human rights contribution when they voluntarily dedicate themselves. To protect and defend the rights of other people. Especially those people who are poor and disadvantaged. Human rights contribution is thus about protecting the rights of other people – Rights like the rights to life, the right to be free, the right to good education, the right to quality healthcare and so on. People who dedicate themselves to fight for the rights of other people gain a lot of goodwill. The transformation they bring to the people makes them unforgettable. These people live in the hearts of men for many generations. Thus, through the contribution of value, service and human right, a person makes their name irreplaceable.

The world does not need a plethora of men whose disappearance does not change the world. The world needs men whose names created the world. Men that cannot be taken out of relevance. And men whose names are a pride to wear. People who leave undying legacies are extraordinary people. They do more than just breathe, survive and breed. They leave a name people wear as a badge of honor. And their indelible Name is proof they have dissolved into existence.
Names by default die. The only way to keep them fresh is to make them unforgettable. Are your contributions building a lasting legacy?

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