Anthony Joshua

That is a Yoruba term that I really don’t know the full meaning. All I just know is that when I was doing my NYSC in Ilaro anytime I bought ewedu and gbegiri for the old women who lived across our corpers’ lodge they will smile and call me Omoluabi. So I have come to identify that term with something quite positive hence the title of this piece. The other day, as I was coming back from the Island just at the foot of the Third Mainland Bridge at Adekunle, I saw a giant banner with Anthony Joshua on it. The people of Makoko had claimed him as their own and were organizing a carnival in his honour.

I loved it even though I was not sure if he actually came form that side of town. Anyways, that is how I listened and watched him declare his heritage, his pride at being a Nigerian to the whole world including the Queen. While the rest of us are jumping and migrating and not seeing anything good in our fatherland this one is out there shouting. ‘I’m Nigerian’, you see yourselves? Some people will say it is because he grew out there that he had the opportunity. I will shout like Chief Zebrudaya – fa fa fa foul. He suffered deprivation out there, hooked on drugs, I hear even went to jail for a bit and also faced racism. But he strived and worked very hard to achieve the pedestal he has reached. It’s the same thing, the people suffering here will still go there and suffer. It’s not curse.

If you don’t have the drive even if you live in Buckingham Palace you will still not make it. This Joshua story is inspirational and I praise him. Thank you brother and please keep the flag flying.