Lagos Explosion: Toddler Rescued in Rubble of Collapsed Building

  • Two more bodies recovered

By Chiemelie Ezeobi

A toddler simply identified as Favour has been rescued alive in the rubble of one of the collapsed buildings at Abule Ado area of Lagos where explosion occurred on Sunday morning.

The three-year-old girl was rescued from the rubble by operatives of the Red Cross Nigeria.

According to Chairman Red Cross Nigeria, Adebowale Kolawole, she was naked when she was rescued under the debris of a building.

He said: “She was recovered naked under one of the collapsed buildings. Later we found out that her mother and sibling were admitted in the hospital.

“The mother who had head injury was semi-conscious. This morning when she asked for her daughter, the doctors told her that she is safe and with the Red Cross.

“Actually that was what we wanted so that the mother would be at rest psychologically, so that it will not add to the pains that the mother is actually going through in order to save her life.

“As soon as possible, we are taking her to go see her mother at the naval hospital. The little girl’s name is Favour and God has favoured her.”

Meanwhile, two more yet-to-be identified corpses have been recovered by officials at the scene of explosion.

The corpses were found under the rubble of the collapsed school building on Monday morning.