(Updated) Brazilian President Tests Negative for Coronavirus

Jair Bolsonaro

Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro tested negative Friday for coronavirus, according to his son, Eduardo, in a report on Fox News, contradicting earlier reports that Bolsonaro had tested positive.

One of the major newspapers in Rio de Janeiro, Journal O Dia, had earlier reported that President Bolsonaro tested positive but a second test had been carried out and the result was being awaited.

Also major newspapers in the UK and US, including MailOnline, New York Post, The Sun, Independent and The DailyBeast.

However, speaking to host Sandra Smith on America’s Newsroom, on Friday, Eduardo said: “The information I have is the news that just came up telling he is negative for coronavirus. I heard it was positive in the first exam. This is something I don’t know. Everything is good now.”

He said his father was “okay”, adding: “The test is negative! The first one I don’t know how to tell you.”

United States President Donald Trump had dined with Bolsonaro at Mar-a-Lago where the two leaders shook hands on Saturday night.

The press secretary of the Brazilian leader, Fabio Wajngarten, who was also at the Mar-a-Lago dinner and took photograph with President Trump and Vice President Mike Pence, had earlier tested positive for coronavirus, prompting a test to be carried out on President Bolsonaro.

A second test has however been carried out on the Brazilian leader and the results are expected to be known on Friday.

Mailonline reported on Friday that several members of the US first family were at the Winter White House Saturday night where there was a birthday party for Kimberly Guilfoyle, the girlfriend of Donald Trump Jr., in addition to the working dinner for the Brazilian delegation, which included the Brazilian leader’s press secretary, Wajngarten, who had also tested positive for coronavirus.

At the birthday party for Guilfoyle were Donald Trump Jr., Eric Trump and his wife Lara Trump, Ivanka Trump and husband Jared Kushner, and Tiffany Trump. Also at the party were National Security Adviser Robert O’Brien, new acting Director of National Intelligence Richard Grenell, Trump’s Personal Attorney Rudy Giuliani, Republican Senator Lindsey Graham and Republican Congressman Matt Gaetz.

Trump had Thursday brushed aside concerns about the encounter with the Brazilian delegation, and resisted suggestions that members of the first family exposed to the Brazilian delegation – a member of which had tested positive for the highly contagious virus – should self-quarantine.

US Senator Lindsey Graham who was at Mar-a-Lago on Saturday night and Senator Rick Scott who met with the Brazilian delegation have self-quarantined as a precautionary measure.