Firm Pledges to Bridge Metering Gap in Electricity Sector


Sunday Okobi

Mojec International has stated that its commitment to bridging the metering gap in the Nigerian electric industry remains unwavering.
Mojec noted that the solution it was bringing to the Nigeria’s power sector was beyond profit making.

It stated that solving the power problem remains a major puzzle in solving the country’s socio-economic problems.

While interacting with some journalists recently, the Chief Executive Officer of Mojec International, Ms. Chantelle Abdul, lamented that the Nigeria power sector was faced with many challenges, one of them being the ATC and C losses, mostly since the privatisation of the sector when it struggled under the weight of supplying electric meters as quickly as they are demanded.

She added that consequently, significant efforts were being made to increase efficiency in the metering process with Mojec, “one of the MAP companies taking a particularly interesting approach to bridging the metering gap.”

According to Abdul, “Mojec has been providing meters for electricity consumers in Nigeria since the 1980s. We birthed the idea to begin manufacturing meters in Nigeria following the constant improvement of meters to our manufacturers outside Nigeria, which made meters more durable, less tamperproof and so many other improvements.

“After the privatisation of the power sector, we were one of the first companies to introduce remote meter reading as far back as 2014.
“This was our approach to solving meter reading problems which was a stumbling block for utility companies then. Today, not only are we the biggest manufacturing meter company, we are also working to triple our production capacity.
“We have also created over 5,000 jobs across the country for installers.”

She stated that metering effectively also represents the foundation for sustainable revenue generation and the commercial viability of the electricity sector, adding that from the suppliers’ point of view, “it is only through effective metering that we can have the assurance of fair billing and payments; this should not come as a burden to the consumer, and this is majorly why MOJEC is committed to the cause.”

She revealed further that the Nigerian Electricity Regulation Commission (NERC) has also made significant efforts to ensuring that there are full accountability and transparency in the metering process to deliver real value in response to customers’ willingness to pay.

Abdul said according to reports from NERC, there were reportedly about 8 million electricity customers in Nigeria with the number of metered customers at about 3.7 million by the end of 2018 following a decline in the number of consumers supplied in 2018, 79,850, from the 201,756 supplied in 2017.