Firm Harps on Measures to Curb Cyber Attacks


By Emma Okonji

Tanta Innovative Limited, an indigenous information technology (IT) and software development company has encouraged firms in the country to invest in cyber security solutions with emphasis on penetration testing for Nigerian firms in order to limit their exposure and security breaches.

According to Tanta Innovative Limited, “Over $270.22 million was spent in 2018 to prevent cyber attacks by organisations and government. This has prompted Tanta Innovation Limited to introduce cost effective penetration testing for organisations.”

Speaking on the importance of penetration testing for organisations, the Chief Executive Officer of Tanta Innovative Limited, Abraham Tanta, said: “We strongly believe at Tanta Innovative that penetration testing for organisations in Nigeria should be a thing that corporates do on a periodic basis. It offers the organization insights on the areas of vulnerabilities and how they can protect themselves better against cyber breaches. We have made this pen testing a simple process and cost effective.

“The importance of penetration and vulnerability testing is critical to us. We follow the laid down processes of penetration testing such as Planning and data gathering, Scanning, gaining access, maintaining access and more importantly Covering tracks. We also look at various methods which we might deploy such as External testing, Internal testing, Blind testing and Targeted testing. We apply a high level of skill to properly identify all of the exploitable vulnerabilities.”

“As the country has embraced digital payment, the need for periodic testing for organizations with online presence especially those with digital payment portals and gateway becomes increasingly inevitable. having partnered with reputable international firms, Tanta Innovative plans to bring the best global practices to Nigeria, the company,”further said.

The company reiterated the need for corporates and privates to start looking inward for their software needs.

“We are creating solutions that can change how people work and make life easier. With a lot of collaboration in place, we have a mission to bring to the fore indigenous robust solutions that would make people forget about all these foreign products and focus on locally made ones because we are trying to solve their problems better than the other ones they buy over the counter,”Tanta added.