UMYU Launches e-Learning, Telepresence Multimedia Classroom Platform


In the spirit of development and impactful leadership, the Umaru Musa Yar’Adua University, Katsina State, led by the outgoing Vice- Chancellor, Prof. Isa Funtua has launched the e-Learning and Video-conference/Telepresence Multimedia Classroom Platform to enhance teaching and the learning process, which empowers both the students and the lecturers with technology in education.

Since assuming office, the vice-chancellor has been at the vanguard of raising the standard of the university community through technology.
In collaboration with CBC Gedu Technologies, a subsidiary of CBC EMEA, a technology giant, the university will leverage on experience and professionalism to deliver an innovative solution to aid teaching within and outside the school environment.

The e-learning solution features a simple and proficient platform wherein the university courses (PDF, video, and audio) can be accessed offline. This avails the students a huge opportunity to keep abreast of class activities and prepare well ahead of the classes.

The platform also encourages interactions with colleagues through the chat system where thoughts and ideas on topics and activities are shared. These are achieved offline. This is believed and proven to enhance learning and better result.
As emphasised by the VC during the opening, “the training would take the school a long way, add value and improve the efficiency of work in the university.”

“The multimedia classroom solution has proven to be a cutting-edge innovation, unifying training and creating better accessibility to learning at the convenience of both the lecturers and students. The technology makes it possible for interactive learning to happen in different locations simultaneously from one spot. This can effectively cut down on the cost of delivering training and increase the possibility of reaching more people at the same time.

“In addition, the possibility for students to access past resources on various courses and share resources at any given time makes this solution the best method of passing information undiluted over the years,” the university said.

It added: “The telepresence solution with its cutting edge technology would help the university to develop its distance learning programme, collaborate with foreign universities to offer international courses. With this, there is an opportunity to affiliate with other universities within and outside Nigeria, offering international professional courses that would add value to the collection of courses offered within the university.

“It is with high hope that Umaru Musa Yar’Adua University will continue in this strength, moulding, and shaping the future of our students to becoming globally compliant and competitive.”