Turkey Records First Case of Coronavirus


The Turkish government has announced its first case of Coronavirus (CVID 19) early Wednesday.

The Health Minister, Turkey, Fahrettin Koca, who made the announcement, said a male citizen tested positive for the coronavirus, and that precautionary measures were being put in place to contain the spread.

He said: “The infected individual contracted the virus after returning from Europe. He has been completely isolated.

“The patient’s general condition is good. All of his family members and those who came into contact with him are under surveillance,” he added.

He said an early diagnosis of the patient was made, adding that if there is a virus infection in the country, it will be very limited. “One or more cases of the coronavirus should not be considered an epidemic,” he noted.

He said: “The coronavirus is not stronger than the measures we will take. A quarantined patient cannot threaten society. Please do not go abroad unless it is compulsory. We must follow the ministry’s guidelines for safeguarding against the coronavirus,” he said.

Turkey last month closed its border with Iran, which has been hard-hit by the virus, and cancelled all flights to the country.