How Marriage ‘Ghost’ Continues to Hunt Olakunle Churchill

Churchill Olakunle

Wedlock and matrimony are such wonderful aspirations in the world today that failure of any kind often bites harder into the lives involved than is thought possible.

For the couples especially, that marriage better work out or there are solid chances that divorce will bring sour years and episodes of angry revelations that would knock the socks off. Tonto Dikeh, for instance, has accused her ex-hubby of being a bisexual.

Churchill Olakunle and his ex-wife Tonto Dikeh have slid into the limelight once again after a rather long sabbatical away from prying eyes. In recent years, Tonto Dikeh has been a fetching Nollywood actress, a sweet wife, a beatific mom, a cray-cray ex-wife, a reformed religionist, and more and more – never failing to revisit one of these roles when opportunity serves.

Churchill, on the other hand, has been a fine husband, a sharp businessman, a horrible son, a diabolical ex-husband, a fine son, an angry ex-husband, et cetera. Recent contributions by his ex-wife have elevated his manhood to include a bent of bisexuality.

Instagram was the medium of choice as words were hurled across enemy lines. Fierce as ever, Tonto Dikeh took the initiative by commenting on how highly probable it is that a poor woman wakes to find that the fellow she is tied to is a thriving bisexual, prompting her to pack her things and scram.
Most men actually, said she, are thriving bisexuals, so there.

Churchill responded by insinuating that Nollywood scripts are not as forthcoming for the ex-wife as they used to, for which reason she has adopted him as her novel material, priming her art with the same delinquency with which she turned a six-month connubiality into 20 years of horror. For such affectionate words, Churchill was called a 40-second cow, a single word in the chapters of her life.

Recall that a few weeks ago Churchill levelled a 500 million suit against Tonto Dikeh for stuff she said in an interview in the past year – including allegations that Churchill was involved in cyberspace crime (Yahoo-Yahoo) and his father was former president Obasanjo’s gardener rather than relative.
Hell hath no fury no end to its assaults, apparently, as Churchill and Tonto continue to smash each other on the cold grounds of law courts and the marshes of social media.