Encomium …As Ned Nwoko Gets Reward

Encomium …As Ned Nwoko Gets Reward

Altruisms gradually becoming an antiquated coin. Time was when worth and notability were assigned on the scale of magnanimity and philanthropy. In fact, George Bernard Shaw was not wrong in stating that a gentleman is one who puts more into the world than he takes out. But as the years wear on, these gentlemen are also becoming a fossil of the good old days.

Thankfully, the few that remain have not been bulldozed to the end of the line, but are celebrated lights and paragons.
Few Nigerian personalities can hope to compete with Prince Ned Nwoko on this gentlemanly tourney of selfless service to humanity. The man simply stands out as a rare specimen of philanthropy, a jolly good fellow, combining the homely benevolence of the mythical hobbit of the Shire with the comical defender of the innocent, protector of the weak, and all-round good guy.

The indigene of Delta State was recently honoured with two awards: ‘Global Icon of the Year’ and West Africa Media Network’s ‘Most Outstanding Africa Man of the Year’ by TopFlyers Magazine.

Although not by a long shot the first awards the popular billionaire is receiving, these are the second batch – following the Icon of Philanthropy Award by the University of Nigeria, Nsukka – in the year 2020. If the past years are anything to go by, more plaques are being polished in Nwoko’s honour.

Ned Nwoko has cultivated several business fields of endeavour in recent years but has had a peculiar proclivity for Tourism, Sports, Arts, Culture and Entertainment sectors of the Nigerian economy, earning him the respect and reverence of individual and corporate aficionados in that line of work.

Awards abound in this man’s name: there was the Afrima Community Impact Award for his contribution to the entertainment community; the Grand Patron, Man of the Year and Supporter of Nigeria Union of Journalists awards by Alsegon, Prime Magazine and Edo Union of Journalists; all in the last four months. Not too long ago, he embarked on a journey to Antarctica to create awareness on the eradication of malaria in Africa, an endeavour that received worldwide attention.

The Ned Nwoko Foundation has contributed immeasurably to fractures in the society, from illiteracy to unemployment and more and more. Ned Nwoko has employed his vast resources, experience and influence in shifting gears and putting smiles on faces. In turn, he is a celebrity renowned for his philanthropy.

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