#OsinbajoTheFixer Trends as Nigerians Salute VP at 63


Twitter users in Nigeria and across the world have been pouring encomiums since Thursday on Vice President Yemi Osinbajo, SAN as the hashtag #OsinbajoTheFixer trended on social media in celebration of the veepee’s 63rd birthday.

The Twitter users expressed their admiration towards the former university lecturer, commending his leadership style, his timely interventions and calling attention to the many assignments the President entrusted in his care as his deputy.

Some of these include the N-Power, MarketMoni, TraderMoni, Homegrown School Feeding, MSMEs Clinics, Cash Transfer, GEEP, supervising many other intervention programmes like the Niger-Delta intervention, and the unveiling of 59 strategies for economic recovery in Nigeria.

The notable delivery of some of this social initiatives, which VP either introduced or promoted obviously has won the hearts of many.

By noon Friday there were already over 10,000 tweets on #OsinbajoTheFixer. A day before, there were over 3,000 tweets on #OsinbajoThrowback as well about mid day also.

Since the re-election of the Buhari/Osinbajo ticket last year, Nigerians seem to have been on a firm lookout for Mr President and the Vice President.

Many have pointed at the VP’s positive influence on this administration especially in his effortless engagement with the common man and his exceptional interest in the youth which has earned him trust amongst Nigerian youths.

The Vice President who chairs over twenty councils and committees that includes: National Economic Council (NEC), Presidential Enabling Business Environment Council (PEBEC) among others, have many times received public appreciation and acknowledgment even from Mr. President himself.

Some of the Tweets say it is no news that Osinbajo has worked and thrived in many capacities including as Attorney General (in Lagos State) – where he revolutionized the judiciary. As Acting President, he proved he was capable with stellar records. As Vice President – many has described him as the most active and accessible.