Danjuma Goje

Only few men get lucky enough to have their lives celebrated while alive. They are simply so great that the world cannot wait till they are gone. Danjuma Goje is one of those few men.

Goje is one man whose life and legacy in business and politics continues to be a source of joy to many. He is a leader, a mentor and an inspiration. Danjuma Goje is one man who has ensured that the Northeast becomes relevant in the political permutations at the federal level. His doggedness saw to the rebuilding of the progressives in the Northeast and it dawned on many that the region has unearthed a true leader they have needed since the late Tafawa Balewa.

He defines his leadership by the numbers of people he has empowered.

This is what true leaders do. The culture of sacrifice, loyalty and compromise for common good and selflessness is why Goje is not only relevant but pivotal to the politics of Nigeria today. This is why he is one of the biggest icons of modern day democracy.

Goje is neither corrupt nor arbitrary. He has always been accountable to the people in all capacities he has held sway. He is not into clientism or patronage which is now the hallmark of governance in our country.

Goje is not a brand made for greed as he is an embodiment of public good. Whatever he owns is always for public service, even his personal residences belong to the people – where the rich and the poor visit for their respective intents. The greatness of Senator Goje transcends his politics. He is an influencer, a leader, a multiplier of values, a political cum administrative hunter of talents. He belongs to me, to you, and to everyone. His ideology, beliefs, and associations can be publicly identified. He is an open book. Yet, he is an independent chapter of a voluminous epistle of life.

His blueprint for Gombe State has served as road map to achieving the Gombe State of his people’s dream. His government made water available to all farmers and other industrial users of water and Gombe is now cited as an example of how to irrigate farming fields for subsistent and commercial farming.

Indeed, so successful is the Gombe water supply scheme that the former President Olusegun Obasanjo in his visit to the state commended the Goje administration and recommended it for implementation in his state, Ogun.

Again, it is instructive to note that the completed airport project in the state has continued to baffle many. The state university was conceptualized, initiated and built by Goje. During his term as governor of the state he succeeded in bringing about religious harmony, a policy which his predecessors have replicated till this day.

Musa Wada,