As I watch the video of my friend Olisa taking a ride into prison, I was overwhelmed with emotions. Olisa is my friend and as a young stockbroker he was my client. I used to go to his office at Onikan and then his house at Dolphin. He was confident and cocky.

He knew where he was going to and was very sure he would get there. As he was about to enter the van, he stopped to tell his wife he loved her and hugged her in the process. At that point I broke down in tears. I really cried o. At one point I started asking myself why, the man himself no cry.

He only ask for where he could put his legs and his madam did not cry, she hugged and tapped him on the shoulder so why was I sitting down here in Shomolu crying like a fool? I do not know why. Maybe it was the rice the madam gave me the last time I was in their home some 20 years ago or the confidence Olisa showed on that video that got to me. It would most likely be the love, loyalty and friendship his wife showed that got to me. She did not cry o, jump and slam herself on the ground throwing her wrapper and headgear all over the place like some people will do. S

he was calm and composed, reminding me of the last time police catch me. Duchess hold the policeman daring that one to touch me. If you are a man, she shouted, touch him. Me, I come dey beg the police say, please ignore am. I get girlfriend and she want use you carry her fight. Luckily, the policeman understand, be like say him na prostitute expert, he smile and say, madam I will release oga today. He is a nice and gentleman. Kai, Duchess no happy o. Please, don’t mind me with my digression, Olisa it is well, all we can do right now is to pray for you and the family. It is well. The system has spoken, you can appeal and God will take the final decision. Be strong bro.