Learning Floral Decoration Makes You Highly Sought-after, Says Adesigbin


By Tosin Clegg

In a bid to meet the growing demand for skilled floral design decorators in the Nigeria event space, Florals By Jedidiah, an event firm, is set to empower women and those interested in the craft starting from March 2.

Floral design or flower arrangement is the art of using plant materials and flowers to create a pleasing and balanced composition incorporating the elements of texture, space, colour and lines. In addition to flower arrangements, floral design includes making wreaths, bouquets, and garlands, among others.

The firm’s chief executive officer, Agatha Adesigbin, said in a statement that learning floral decorations was one skill in huge demand.

She said the idea was to give back by empowering as many people as possible, having recorded considerable achievement as an event floral designer in over a decade.

“During my training in event decoration, I was exposed to floral arrangements and I realised I had a flair for it,” she said. “I decided to go for further training in floral arrangement at a reputable floral outfit. Then, my trainer had to travel abroad for a while and left some of her floral accounts for me. It was then I realised that floral business could fetch good money”, she said.

Adesigbin, who was excited and served those clients excellently well, further added: “Fast forward to 2018, I had a leading to take the floral arm of our event decor business a notch higher. This resulted in our floral design classes which have impacted a lot of lives in Nigeria and other African countries. For example, floral design is the new décor and is fast becoming a desired trend at events today. Our outfit has been privileged to provide floral service for few top clients such as the Rotary Club International, Day Start, and Nigeria Stock Exchange, among others.”

The event decor expert noted that floral design is a lucrative business and people who are skilled in it are highly sought-after.

“Florals has brought laurels for our outfit. Of recent is our nomination for The Event Industry Conference (TEIC) staircase challenge as well as winning of the Event Florist of the Year Award by the Association of Event Vendors of Nigeria- ASSEV,” she further stated.

Adesigbin, who has trained about 105 florists, who are doing well, admitted that this number is not enough for the gap that is to be filled in the event industry.

On what participants are to expect, she explained: “They will be exposed to the technics of floral design and equipped with the right knowledge that will enable them start their own business.”