Top Businessman Lekan Oyegbade Celebrates


For Lekan Oyegbade, a successful businessman, Monday, February 17, didn’t come as an ordinary day in his life.
On that day, he had cause, once again, to engage in the celebration of life, as he added another year to the glory of God.

Quite expectedly, he was joined in the celebration by family and friends whose paths have crossed his in life.
Born unto parents who make Godliness a priority in life, little Oyegbade never crossed the line as he grew under the tutelage of his father and mother who ensured his every footstep was in accordance with God’s rules.

Even in the face of adversities, unassuming and hard-working Oyegbade has not, at any point, shunned the divine paths.
Seasons have passed, but Oyegbade remains grand, like the nurturing guardian whose tenderness and warmth blesses the land.

To his staff, friends, family and beneficiaries, his warm personality has been their anchor, and his shoulder their rampart of comfort.
The University of Jos graduate is overwhelmingly grateful to his Creator for the gift of life, flourishing endeavor, robust health and divine protection.

Oyegbade , who is happily married to beautiful Bukola, and blessed with children, tells anyone who cares to listen that he owes God a lot of gratitude for all that He has done for him in the past years.