Look For The Best…


It seems sad that the Boy Scouts of America are filing for bankruptcy protection because of a number of lawsuits relating to child abuse. The reality however is that there is a need to protect children at all times and a number of organisations have failed to do so. It is logical that most of these cases have involved organisations where children are there is number with priests, teachers and sports coaches frequently involved.

Most of the people in these groups are fine, upstanding individuals who have devoted time and effort to help others and the offenders are in the minority, but they are still there. The failing with some organisation, especially the churches, in not monitoring their members and taking immediate responsibility to remove such individuals is shameful. The churches approach, in Australia and probably most places, of moving offenders from parish to parish is shameful and probably criminal. This is by no means a complete list of offenders as in my local community it was actually the police officer who was the offender and he was sentenced to five years imprisonment.

Like most decent citizens I cannot understand the offenders thinking but condemn it completely. We must call out all such cases and protect the children.
––Dennis Fitzgerald,
Melbourne, Australia