Aisha Buhari: The Fearless Woman at 49

Aisha Buhari

Aisha Buhari, the wife of the current President of Nigeria, President Muhammadu Buhari, has done well as First Lady of Nigeria , even critics and opponents no longer have anything to say , they have accepted defeat . Besides being an irrefutable avatar of ageless beauty, the Madam of Nigeria commands a multi-edged nous the likes of which are native to ancient Delphic oracles and Queen Mothers of old. In this time of celebrating her 49th year on the Earth, a few things are worth noting.

To begin with, the one known world over today as Dr. Aisha Buhari was born Aisha Halilu, a native of Adamawa State. As the sweetness of an apple derives from its mother-tree, Aisha’s forebears were just as prominent: her grandfather, Alhaji Muhammadu Ribadu was the first Nigerian Minister of Defence, and her mother is descended from the prestigious Ankali family, a family with a tough heritage of farming.

One needs only to hear her converse to know that Aisha Buhari is very literate; certifications are several and sundry, with art and international studies properly mixed together. There are also, curiously, degrees and certifications in cosmetology – beauty begetting beauty.

Dr. Aisha Buhari is also a business woman. She is reputed with founding and managing the renowned Hanzy Spa and Hanzy Beauty Institute, the well-known beauty salon that operates principally in Kaduna and Abuja. Time would fail one to ply the depths of her enterprising endeavours.

As First Lady, Dr. Aisha Buhari has proved her mettle on many an engaging occasion. She is primarily an activist for women’s rights, and is known to be a strong advocate for child rights – especially since she spoke out against child marriage. Whether it is working with displaced persons or families with kidnapping hanging over their heads, Aisha Buhari has weathered the storm as a humble, calm and perceptive woman worthy of notice.

Thus, it was not much of a surprise that she refused the habitual pomp and ceremony of birthdays. While goodwill messages coursed in from different angles, Dr. Aisha Buhari preferred instead to hang out with those closest to her. Praying for her family and the country, she poured out her heart on matters great and small, as a First Lady should.
Courteous as always, she shared a cake with her staff at the Presidential Villa, an inspiring, fearless, tough nut of a woman.