Anna Ebiere’s New Beginning


By Ferdinand Ekechukwu

At the mention of Anna Ebiere Banner, beautiful maiden and baby mama are the two things that readily come to mind. Known simply as Anna Banner, the stunning damsel from Port Harccourt is a Nigerian pageant winner and actress. Her beauty, confidence, and intelligence stood her out from the other contestants. She was crowned the Most Beautiful Girl in Nigeria 2013/2014. The beauty queen then went on to represent Nigeria in Bali, Indonesia at the Miss World pageant.

Upon her reign as the Most Beautiful Girl in Nigeria, she was appointed Special Assistant on Culture and Tourism to former governor Seriake Henry Dickson of Bayelsa State. This beauty queen is now 25 years old. Anna on Tuesday, February 18 took to social media to celebrate her 25 birthday. Sharing a beautiful photo of herself while rocking a black dress, the second baby mama to Nigerian contemporary High-life singer Flavour penned down a birthday message to herself.

Wishing herself a beautiful birthday, the gorgeous fashion model thanked God and spoke of her new beginnings in the message. She wrote: “I’m overwhelmed with so much joy in my heart that words fail me. I am literally unworthy of your love and grace in my life! A lot of times I stare at my reflection in the mirror and I see a child so unworthy, unclean, and undeserving of your love, mercy, grace and kindness.

“Still, you pick me up and hold me so close like never before. Your love and Grace radiates all over my body, spirit and soul. I owe my life to you, Father. Thank you for loving me Father Thank you for giving me a reason to live. Thank you for everything..! for my heart cartwheels in joy and gladness of your glory! Happy birthday to you, Anna Banner Cheers to a fresh start, a clean slate, a new beginning and a zillion and one mind blowing blessings!”

The Anna Banner brand is basically the making of Silverbird because if it wasn’t for Silverbird MBGN, she doesn’t think she will be where she is today aside God. She will always give them credit and acknowledgement and would always tell them thank you for everything, for making Anna Banner who she is today, for making her a woman, a beautiful woman who now knows who she is. But in every family, there are definitely the tough and happy times.

But whenever there is a storm, there is always sunshine at the end of the day. She has gone through the phase of motherhood, to setting up Anna Banner Empowerment Foundation, aimed at empowering young girls who have lost hope in life or because they have a child, they believe life has ended. “It is targeted at the rural areas. You see young girls with potential and talent and it just feels like they have lost hope because they have a child.”

Her initial success as MBGN winner opened doors for her in the fashion entertainment industry. She appeared on the cover of many fashion magazines. In all, Anna never believed she was going to date a super star. She never believed she was going to be a beauty queen. “But as a young girl, you will always get this princess dream and all of that and then when your dream becomes reality, you wonder how it happened.

“The first few months were like; okay, should I wake up now? Is this really happening? The amazing thing is that I never knew I was going to be here today,” she revealed earlier in a chat. And then she fell in love with Nigerian singer, Flavour after featuring in his “Gollibe” video. The affair which produced a baby girl has had no acrimony as recorded by other famous Nigerian music stars.