Too Much Blood on the Landscape

Tukur Buratai
Chief of Army Staff (COAS), Major General Tukur Buratai

Eddy Odivwri

Have you noticed that we have become benumbed by the occurrences of our time? Are you sure the end is not really near?

Are you a Doomsday prophet? Who told you we are benumbed? All my senses are working perfectly?



If your senses are working, what about your conscience? Is it alive or has it been smeared?

Conscience? Conscience? Who smeared it? What are you really driving  at?

Are you not worried about the amount of blood flowing on the Nigerian landscape?


Blood? Where did you see blood?

Are you blind? Even if you are blind, are you also deaf? Are you not in the country? Do you not hear of killings everyday? If it is not killer herdsmen, it would be kidnappers or Boko Haram, or bandits, or even road accidents. Not even armed robbers are such a threat  anymore. Are you not in this country? How can you ask where I saw blood?


Hmmmm, killings and death didn’t just start today. They are part of humanity. Or are you trying to blame it on the sitting government?

Come on, don’t be callous and cheeky! Are we talking of natural deaths? If it is not the sitting government who do you want us to blame for the insecurity in the land? Did you not hear of the massacre of nine persons in Agadama, Uwheru kingdom in Delta State by suspected Fulani herdsmen, allegedly aided by Nigerian soldiers? Did you not hear of the gruesome killing of that Assistant Director in the presidential Villa, Ms  Laetitia Dagan, right inside Abuja? Did you not hear of the bestial beheading of the Adamawa State CAN chairman, Rev Lawan Andimi? Did you not hear of the killing of the 19-year old seminarian, Michael Nnadi? Did you not hear of the killing of the wife of Dr Ataga, a Kaduna-based medical doctor? Did you not hear of the murder of 33 stranded travellers at Auno village near Maiduguri? Did you not hear of the accidents in Abuja road and many other highways that claimed various number of lives? How can all these blood be flowing and some people whose responsibility it is to protect us,  feel cool and sleep normal? How much blood do you want to see before it will be red enough for you to recognize it?

Em, em, well, they are circumstantial tragedies. It is all at the heart of all the battle of the government to decisively rein in the criminals and insurgents who have been troubling the country. Mr

President has assured that he will not only defeat Boko Haram but will also ensure that all captives of Boko Haram regain freedom.


That looks like a promise on a campaign podium. It is not a promise Nigerians want to place a premium on, two years after Leah Sharibu has been captured, impregnated and made a mother. It’s almost six years since the Chibok girls have been abducted. Some have even died. It’s all been promise and promise and no fulfillment.

And I fear that nothing will change as the government refuses to sack the tired and clueless Service Chiefs.

Nothing will change as long as Mr President even tries to criminalise self defence. A government is unable to defend the citizens and the citizens gird up their loins to defend themselves and Mr President says self help is not allowed…. Haba! Who wants more blood on the landscape?


Nobody wants more blood. We cannot resort to self help. If it starts it cannot be controlled. The law enforcement officers are doubling their efforts to protect the people. We cannot reduce the country to  a lawless Banana Republic.