Three Doctors Arraigned for Toddler’s Death


The Medical and Dental Practitioners Disciplinary Tribunal yesterday in Abuja arraigned three medical doctors for their roles in the death of a three-month-old baby – Peace Oluwole.

The accused medical practitioners, Dr. Iyoha Joseph; Dr. Obafemi Kuye; and Dr. Mukaila Oyewunmi Oladipo, were accused of conducting themselves unprofessionally by administering unnecessary drugs, delaying necessary actions and exposing the toddler’s system to unnecessary drugs, which resulted in his death.

The respondent doctors were presented before a panel headed by the Chairman of the Tribunal, Prof. Abba Hassan.

The baby was admitted to the R. Jolad Hospital in Gbagada, Lagos State, in March 2013, where the three doctors work. He was returned after he was discharged in distress before his death.

The charge sheet read out by the Registrar of the Council, Dr. Tajudeen Sanusi, said the three doctors acted infamously contrary to the rules of the code of medical ethics of Nigeria, 2008 edition, and punishable under the Medical and Dental Practitioners Act Cap M8 Laws of the Federation on Nigeria 2004 as amended.

Dr. Iyoha Joseph was accused of discharging the baby prematurely on March 11, 2013 when he did not observe and document clear indications that the baby had recovered from ailment and causing the

He was also accused of claiming to be a specialist pediatrician when he did not have any additional qualification registered by the Medical and Dental Council of Nigeria (MDCN).

Dr. Obafemi Kuye was accused of seeing the baby but failing to take adequate history of the baby or attend to him.

While Dr. Mukaila Oyewunmi Oladipo was accused of failing to take remedial measure to relieve the patient of obvious respiratory distress when he was re-presented at the hospital after being discharged earlier, and delaying other procedures for more than 30 minutes, which eventually contributed to the cause of death of the baby.

The three accused doctors pleaded not guilty to the seven-count charges preferred against them.

One of the respondent doctors, Dr. Iyoha Joseph, said he became a qualified doctor in 1979, and registered with the MDCN certificate of his additional qualification on February 14,1991.

He also claimed to be a qualified pediatrician.