Shared Dedication to Physical Fitness Vital to Success, Says Martinez

Disney Martinez

Ugo Aliogo

An accomplished social media influencer and entrepreneur Disney Martinez has attributed the shared dedication to physical fitness with her husband Jorge de la Concepcion, as vital to her success.

Scrolling through her social media posts, a follower will discover firsthand that Jorge and Disney’s love for one another grows at the same rate as their impressive muscular builds as they exercise side by side.

Disney is the humble matriarch of one of the most loving families. The roots of her budding success in life were established at the young age of 16, when she met the man destined to be her husband.

“At the age of 15, she moved to the United States from Havana, Cuba looking to find her passion in life. As luck would have it, destiny provided her with a partner through which she would find motivation, inspiration, support, and a love most enviable.”

Married in Tampa, Florida in 2009, Disney fondly reminisces that the wedding “wasn’t anything fancy or uptight at all, and it was really just one big party with our best friends and family.” This easygoing and casual approach to romance spills end over end into their lives today, as the two make true love look as natural as breathing. They spend their days working out together, furthering their entrepreneurial success together, and playing with their two adorable kids, Lucas and Jade.

Jorge recently surprised Disney with a 10-year wedding anniversary trip to Africa. The two spent time on safari, enjoying the beaches, and learning to appreciate the culture of the Maasai tribes. The couple travels together frequently to a never-ending list of whimsical destinations, nurturing their romance as though it was part of their coveted fitness regimen. Theirs is truly a love to admire, established at such a young age and growing stronger every day.