Group Organises Forum on NIN


The Convention on Business Integrity/The Integrity Organisation in collaboration with ActionAid, and other partners are set to hold the sixth series of their regulatory conversations (RC6.0), with the theme: “National Identity Number: Matters Arising and Implications to Nation-building.”

The event is expected to hold on March 5, in Lagos.

Accordint to a statement, though less than 20 per cent of the national population have the NIN coupled with a struggling NIMC, the NIN was required to obtain the country’s national passport, national driver’s license, registration for public exams (JAMB), opening/maintain bank accounts, required to access retired savings accounts (RSA) and so on.

 “The Regulatory Conversations (RCs) Series, which began in September 2018, have provided a platform to interrogate Nigeria’s philosophy of regulation and enabled stakeholders, including private sector actors, to proffer solutions to observed gaps in the way and manner regulatory agencies have been interpreting their mandates.

“To date, five sessions of the RCs have held addressing and proffering solutions to different issues.

 “The focus of the sixth Regulatory Conversations 6.0 would be on the National Identity Number system, the efficiency or otherwise of the operations and its implication for Nation building,” it explained.

The forum is expected to provide a platform for a robust discussion and anticipates having in attendance senior executives from the government, companies, civil society and representatives of relevant stakeholders. 

“This forum would examine the key sectoral issues in the context of the following viewpoints:

  The regulatory framework and the national identity system; the implementation of regulation on the Mandatory Use of the National Identification Number and their implications on the activities and business transactions carried out by individuals and corporate entities in Nigeria; and means of achieving the NIN without the levels of disruption, discomfort and receipted payments allegedly involved,” it added.