Senate President Lawan Jokes Too Much!

Ahmad Lawan

The President of the Senate, Senator Ahmad Lawan, set the entire social atmosphere on fire last week, when his comment on the Maryam Sanda death sentence turned out the biggest joke of the week/moment.

Addressing his colleagues during plenary, the Senate President, stated: “Ermmm… A woman, who was alleged to have killed her husband to death.” The poor grammar of a PhD holder has since been the talk of the town with many wondering what went wrong.

Perhaps, it is safe to assume he was joking but that again, would be joking too much or some joke taken too far. But if the candour with which he spoke could be factored into account, then, it was no joke. Rather, it was a sincere error and unbefitting of his status and office.

It’s important the number three citizen minds his words next time and doesn’t get easily carried away. His gaffe is better situated as a slip that could be glossed over. But the influential social space, as it has come to be known, would not forget anytime soon what transpired on that day.